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A few words about us

Who are we? We are considering ourselves as a modest bunch of video game enthusiasts who want to spread their love and appreciation for old console games, IO and MMO games, so that their greatness will not be forgotten!

Main goal of playmmo.io website

playmmo.io is a website focused mainly on the possibility of playing IO games online, in a web browser, let´s say – in a modern way. Nowadays, there are many pages where you can read a lot about the IO games, but you can not play them. We are trying to combine these two aspects, so you can read about them, and you can also play them – right here, right now! 🙂

Playing an IO game online

Games are launched via iframe, content is loaded from the original source.

If you want to play some of the games and you cannot find it on our website (yes, this can happen too), you can suggest a game here and we will see what can we do about it.

playmmo.io does not intend to violate any copyright or violate any license of a game. If you do not want your game to be part of this website, please contact us and we will remove the game as soon as we read your message.

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