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SnowHeroes is a winter-themed snowball battle. Grow your size by collecting colored orbs, and eliminate other players to become the biggest Ball in game!

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The gameplay consists of grow the size of your snowball by collecting colored orbs. You can eliminate other players by hitting them or stomping on them.

Your goal will be to absorb the colored balls, so you will enlarge. But you can also engage smaller enemies, which will certainly increase even faster. On the contrary, when you are a small child, you have to watch out for others, as they can easily destroy you. The main goal, however, is to be as high in the table as possible and to be the king of the arena. For the coins you earn, you can unlock new skins for your hero, so let’s go!


  • Move your mouse to control the movement
  • Press left mouse button to boost speed
  • Press right mouse button to jump and stomp

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