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Pilot your bomber plane and drop your bombs around to destroy the city. Deal the most damage to mark your name on the leaderboard. Play now for free!

Play it online!
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About game

In you are the pilot of a vintage bomber plane and your job is to cause a much damage as possible. Your mission is to rocket up the leader board and defeat other players. You’ll have to tactically ascertain the map and make strategic decisions which allow you to bomb as much as you can.

Be careful to avoid bigger players, knocking into them will cause you to die and be reset. As you bomb and your points grow so will the size of your plane. Another cool thing about this game is that all of the other planes in the game are actually other players from around the world.

Do you think you have the skills, the smarts, and the will to overtake your opponents, blast the city and become the ultimate pilot?

Game Instructions

  • The plane will be auto-bombing. Your responsibility is to steer it and avoid other players while scoping out high value targets.
  • The W,A,S,D keys will control the plane.
  • Hold down the left mouse button to take control of the plane.
  • Hold down the right mouse button to take control of the plane.

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