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Fly a powerful copter to shoot and blow up your enemies on the ground and in the air. Evolve, use your new abilities and becom the best player in!

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In this game you fly around in a helicopter and battle other players.

Destroy enemy helicopters, drones, and tanks to level up. Upgrade your skills to become stronger than your enemies. Evolve your helicopter with snipers, multiple cannons, fast-shooters, grenades, and more.

Dominate your opponents to become the king of the arena!


  • Available in fullscreen
  • Many special abilities including grenades, bullet wipes, teleports, airstrikes, banana bombs, and laser beams
  • You can change the controls in the menu
  • 3 levels of graphics quality
  • Register to save your progress


  • WASD to move
  • Mouse or arrow keys to move
  • Mouse button or up arrow key to shoot
  • Right mouse button or E, as well as middle mouse button or X, for special abilities

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