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Invade as many lands as possible and become the biggest on the server! Play 2 online now!

Play it online!
  • 3 votes is a brand new .io game in which you need to expand your territory on the map!

The goal of Paper io 2 is to defeat all the enemies. Try every mode the game offers and choose the one that brings most fun.

Can you own the map and dominate the leaderboard in this great multiplayer game?

Don’t let a single enemy escape from you. That’s the only way to win Paper io 2.

When the game starts, you own a very small block. But you also control a moving box. You need to capture territory to add it to the block you control. To do so, just form a line and link it back to your owned territory.

Be careful not to touch your own line while doing so, because you will die! You can also crush opponents by hitting them while they’re forming a line. Start to capture territory step by step.

Tips for beginners in

  • Take some risks at the beginning of the game. You have not much to lose when you have a small area. When you build up substantial space, it’s time to be more careful and defend what is yours!
  • When you are smaller, you are more likely to be attacked. Be sure to keep a close look at your enemies and make sure they don’t steal your zone!
  • Every map is precisely the same, so your position is critical. Try to conquer a place in the corner. In the middle of the map, enemies can come from everywhere.
  • Think about an attack strategy. Enemies are most vulnerable when they are expanding their zone. Wait for them to expose their trail and strike at precisely that moment!
  • Practice makes perfect. Mastering the controls takes time. You will have to play the game passively, in the beginning, to get used to them. Once you’ll feel confident go for the attack!

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