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Zombs Royale

Hide, loot and shoot your way to victory in Zombs Royale. Join 100 players in end to end Battle Royale action! Play Zombs Royale online!

Play it online!
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Wage war with mythic weapons in this awesome battle royale game, ZombsRoyale.io a.k.a. Fortnite.io! Just like in the popular game Fortnite only one will survive. Each Zombs Royale io bout begins with an airdrop phase, in which you steer your parachute and glide towards the best part of the map.

100 Player 2D Real-Time Battle Royale! A real zombie royale io battle!

Look for weapons and food and try to eliminate as many other players as possible.

After landing on the map, you search for the best and strongest weapons Zombs Royale has to offer. Open shiny boxes to find essential loot like: machine guns, medic supplies, grenades and much more. In Zombsroyal io each weapon comes in six different colors and strengths. Don’t forget to take your opponents strongest guns with you! Also make sure to avoid the cloud of toxic gas that forms over the Zombsroyal map.

Game Features

  • Like the original io games such as Slither.io, ZombsRoyale.io has a fun and fast-paced gameplay
  • Parachuting to the location you want
  • Many supplies that are scattered around the map
  • Bushes and houses that you can enter to hide
  • Viewable map
  • Customizable character’s skin

Zombs Royale game controls

  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • M or Tab to view map
  • E to interact
  • Left click to shoot
  • Right click to open emoticon list
  • R to reload

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