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The best and funniest IO fighting game ever! Customize your character and hunt big monsters in open battle arena crazy match! Play now for free!

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In this game you lead a little magical creature called “Chomper” to become the largest of all. Walk around and eat all the treats you find. Kill bugs roaming on the arena. Fight other Chompers using weapon of your choice: ent’s branch, fish wand, devilish trident, banana club, royal scepter, carrot mace and many, many more!

Eating and fighting gives your experience which makes you bigger. Get bigger to become the Number One! But be careful – single hit means defeat. So use speed boost ability to run away. You can also use it to chase for more food.

Unlock all the Chompers and customize their appearance to your liking:

  • hat,
  • shoes,
  • eyes,
  • mouth,
  • weapon

Show them all how cool you are!


  • Move your mouse to control the monster’s movement
  • Press left mouse button to attack
  • Hold right mouse button to sprint

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