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Curve Fever Pro

Curve Fever Pro is an epic multiplayer io game in which you must compete against up to 6 other players around the world. This game contains variety of powers you can use to steal points from your opponents.

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Curve Fever Pro is a free to play, online multiplayer game where you compete against 1 to 5 other players, trying to survive the longest and steal points from them. You have your ship. On it you get two open slots to equip with abilities from a variety of 27 different powers.

Draw lines with your little spaceship and try to block the path of other players. Compete against 5 opponents in a multi-round game, the winner will be the first player to reach 250 points. You can add two special skills on your ship (jump, rocket, bomb, shield etc), and you can unlock new ones each time you gain a level. Curve Fever Pro also offers a ranking system with different divisions.

This game contains more features than the awesome original including a variety of powers you can use to steal points from your opponents. You can customize your in-game avatar as well as your curve with fun skins.

Make your way around the map and try to eliminate your enemies by trapping them with your curve. Try to avoid smashing into other players curves while using your powers to steal their points. Can you master Curve Fever Pro?


  • Left/right arrow or A/D to steer the airplane
  • Up/ down arrow or W/S to use equipped power

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