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Play it online!


InkWars is a multiplayer game. In you must help your team to release more paint than the opposing team. Play online!

Play it online!
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Your character will earn an amount of money based on your performance in the game and you can use them in the store to customize your characters and thus make it unique. Enjoy this fun version of Splatoon.

The teams are called “Purples” and “Greens” as the colors that represent it. You can be “Purples” and “Greens” in each game. The team selection is made automatically by the servers.

You can customize your character and with earned items and you can make it more unique. After each game, your character earns an amount of coin based on your performance in the game. These coins can be used in the shop after games. Enjoy games like Splatoon and 2? Then join InkWars!

Try different strategies in InkWars io and use the most effective one.

InkWars io can be played solo, with friends or with online players all over the world. Unlocked and fully accessible version without lags.

InkWars game controls

Move your mouse to control the character’s movement. Hold left mouse button to splash.

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