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Takemine is a new survival game. Build your village with friends and try to defend it. Play Takemine now online!

Play it online!
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Takemine.io is a survival io game that will be easy to get in if you’ve played any of them before. You’re going to collect resources to receive a bow or build walls for defense or wigwam for gold.

How to Play

The main goal of the game is gold = rank. The more you have the higher you find yourself on the leaderboard. In futures devs promise to add a store where some stuff will be available for gold.

The only source of gold are wigwams. Be sure to keep them safe, because everyone in the game will tend to destroy your newly built wigwams. Build wooden walls for defense, place them as near to each other as possible, so other players don’t have a chance to pass by. Use bow to attack enemies.

First of all as you enter the game you should get as many resources as possible: wood and stone for constructing wigwams and walls. Moreover wood is required for bow arrows. Food (apples) used to fulfill your HP level.


  • WASD to move
  • Space or mouse click to attack/gather
  • E for auto-attack/gather
  • Number keys of mouse for item selection
  • Q for food quick selection
  • Enter to open chat

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