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Wilds.io is multiplayer skill based game with a deep melee combat and RPG elements. Loot your enemies for gold and buy new equipment.

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Become a barbarian in this multiplayer hack-n-slash game with RPG elements. Claim your position beating enemies in the arena or explore the ruins and mountains looking for gold that you can spend on buying new weapons.

The game Wilds.io is a hack n’ slash .io game created by Rezoner. The game was designed to challenge players with a quick upbeat pace. The objective of the most popular game mode, Desert Fort, is to destroy members of the opposite team.

Wilds.io is a multiplayer hack’n’slash game in a browser.

However, there are many different game modes to enjoy. Inside of the game there are several game modes you can play, with different twists in each one.

You’re out in the wild, and have to defend yourself against all kinds of wild creatures such as bears, little monsters, bots, and other players.

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