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Bullet Town

Do you want to become the mayor of city? Blast your opponents, find better weapons, grab the cash become the Mayor of Bullet Town!

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About Bullet Town

Do you want to become the mayor of city? Now you can try and do so in this fun and exciting first-person shooter title. To become the mayor you must collect the most cash at the end of the round.

Move around the town and try to pick up weapons and items – use those weapons to destroy the other players – you can even use an awesome bazooka that does huge splash damage. See how you can fare in Bullet Town today!


  • Eight characters to choose
  • Different weapons to use around the town, including a deadly bazooka
  • Shooting and money-collecting gameplay
  • Money bag drop
  • Playable in fullscreen
  • Cool announcer voice after the round ends
  • Destroyable objects
  • Unlimited bullets
  • Play together with friends


  • WASD to move the character
  • Left mouse button to shoot
  • Right mouse button or E to pick-up an item
  • R to reload

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