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ToBattle is a great first person 3D multiplayer shooter. Play ToBattle online, in a web browser!

Play it online!
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ToBattle is an action-packed first-person shooter with a deathmatch mode. Battle yourself to the top by out aiming your opponents, picking up health and ammo packs.

You spawn in to a game that lasts for 5 minutes and have to earn as many points as possible. Headshots bring more points.

Pick up your machine gun and prepare to fight!

The game is stylized pixel graphics, which gives it a special flavor. Do everything you can to lead your team to victory. As games, buy new weapons, which becomes available to you. Features

  • Multiplayer deathmatch FPS game
  • The main weapon is a machine gun
  • Smooth gameplay experience game controls

  • Mouse for direction
  • Click to shoot
  • WASD to move

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