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Leech your way to the top and become the largest of all Fungi in this multiplayer io game. Which strategy will get you the win? Play now online!

Play it online!
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Fungi is a cool multiplayer game in which you must try and build a large network of cells. You must move your small cell around the map and try to absorb smaller cells so that you can grow in size.

Watch out for other players and their cells – if they are larger than you then they can absorb and destroy you. Keep moving and keep alert! The game play is easy to pick up and you can gain fame and fortune on the real-time leader board – can you have the largest cell network?


  • An online cell-growing game play
  • Real-time leader board
  • Invite friends to join the same room as you
  • An easy-to-follow tutorial
  • Shrinking areas
  • Full-screen available


  • Drag left mouse button to move/leech
  • Use mouse scroll to zoom in/out the map
  • Use W A S D to move on the map

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