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Gulper – multiplayer snake game. Compete with other players, slither deftly, hunt for energy, and make your way to be the best player. Play it now online!

Play it online!
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This game is an awesome multiplayer snake game that takes inspiration from You must take control of a small glowing worm and try to grow bigger so that you can destroy the other worms on the playing field.

You can grow bigger by gulping the glowing dots scattered around the map, but in the same time you must move quickly and keep an eye out for enemies approaching as they will try and catch you out. Destroy your enemies by trapping them and making them slither into your own body.

Can you become the largest glow worm?


  • Glowing worms
  • Cool animations
  • Smooth movement and game play
  • A mini map to see the location of the biggest worm
  • Changeable worm color


Press left mouse button to boost speed, but at the cost of your size.

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