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TileMan.io is an multiplayer game in which you must capture as many blocks as you can. Play against other players, expand and capture the biggest area!

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About TileMan.io

TileMan.io is an awesome multiplayer io game in which you must try and capture as many blocks as possible. You start with a random color of block and you must try and convert all the blocks on the map into the same color. You can convert blocks by creating a complete square – the enclosed blocks will turn to your color.

This might sound easy, but don’t forget there are other players to contend with also! You must avoid them or try and trap them within your squares and make them crash into you.

Use a careful approach and don’t go in all guns blazing! Can you conquer the TileMan arena?


  • You can stop the movement
  • Various game modes, including an Extreme Speed mode to play the game with an insane speed
  • Playable on mobile browsers


  • W A S D or arrow keys to move
  • E, P, or numpad 5 to stop the movement

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