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Worms Zone

Worms Zone is a multiplayer snake io game. Eat food. Grow bigger. Get your opponent and get to the top of the leader board! Play Worms Zone now!

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About Worms Zone

Worms.Zone is a new edition to the always popular worms’ genre of games. In this cool new edition, you will start with only one game mode available in which you need to prove yourself as a good player in order to unlock even more in the future.

The first game mode available is the 3-minute longest snake wins mode.

To grow the length of your snake you need to eat all of the cute animals dotted around the play area. There are also several power ups that can absorb which will give the edge over your opponents in the game. Once you have proved yourself you will be able to play a host of other game modes too.

After some games, you can buy a new cool skins for your worm, so you can clearly recognize your worm in the arena.

Have fun!


  • Three game modes to play
  • Cute worms and objects
  • Various power-ups to get in the arena
  • Get a reward by winning a match


Use left or right mouse button to speed up.

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