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Design unique ships and grow the ultimate space mining fleet as you battle for resources and glory in this massively multiplayer action strategy set in an alien wasteland. Play MMO Exocraft online!

Play it online!
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Build your unique exocraft and grow your fleet of drones in order to battle and mine your way to the top. Set in a dyaing alien world, Exocraft pits you and your friends against ancient guardians and other defenses protecting its most valuable resources.

Your goal is self growth, exploration, and mining.

Rather than being round-based, Exocraft is a persistent MMO where you can level up, climb the leaderboards and continue to build on the success of past play sessions. The further you advance, the more content and game modes you will unlock.

Here you can reach next levels, climb up on the leaderboard and use your successes from previous games. Go forward because the further go, more game modes are available for you.

Exocraft game features

  • Full feature io mining game
  • Customizable mining airplane with various parts
  • Buyable drones to help you mine and attack
  • Guardian enemies that are defending the mining points
  • Detailed and polished objects
  • You can fast-travel to the trading post


  • WASD or arrow keys or left click to move
  • Use left mouse button to interact

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