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Instant Online Soccer

Instant Online Soccer is a fun online soccer game in which you can jump straight into a match with a host of other online players. Whatever team you get assigned, enjoy an instant play as you control a single player on the pitch in a position of your liking. Plan your game tactics with your team member to become an unstoppable soccer team. Play Instant Online Soccer online!

Play it online!
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Instant Online Soccer is a multiplayer soccer game with arcade style and smooth retro graphics. Physics based gameplay without usual soccer rules makes for a pure skill and fast paced action.

The controls are easy to understand and give you a full degree of freedom – this also means there is no auto-aiming and no luck involved in your wins and failures. The game puts emphasis on team play and quick reaction time.

Five a side multiplayer soccer. Join a game without waiting and conquer the rival goal.

A successful player knows how to utilize short sprints and doesn’t hesitate to pass the ball to a teammate when surrounded by opponents.

Like a good io game it doesn’t require an account and you are one click away from being inside the action. Tackle, pass, move and shoot your way to victory as you try to score more goals than the opponent team to win each match. You can completely customize your character’s appearance to make a player you like. Have fun!


  • WASD to move
  • Left click to kick
  • Right click to run
  • Space bar to tackle
  • E to call others

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