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Are you even strong enough to fight this battle? Well if you think you are, hop into GatoSlice for some amazing fruit slicing and combo stacking action right now! Play GatoSlice online for free!

Play it online!
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Gatoslice is a puzzling new food based game where you must make split second decisions about where to serve the never ending slices of food as they arrive. Imagine a 360 degree version of Tetris where you needed to shift the pieces all around you in order to avoid pile ups and maximize your space to serve as much food to as many people as possible! It’s an incredible adventure in the genre of puzzles, time man management, and also food. Do you dare to test your mettle against the forces of chaos which wish you fail at good organizing? Step up to the plate and show us what you got.


Use your mouse to tap on the corresponding circles,try and fill the circles before you run out of matching pieces!

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